Canary companies and foundations are already supporting the Social Project #UP2U


“#UP2U: Depende de tí” is becoming a reality. The original initiative of the Magistrate of the Juvenile Court Nº1 of Las Palmas, Reyes Martel has started its process thanks to the collaboration of more than tens canary companies and foundations that have contributed with endowments to make possible, through educational actions, the social rehabilitation of young people with behavioral problems and currently subject to judicial actions and abandoned children.

With 185.000 raised, #UP2U has achieved to materialize some social, sport and educational workshops, as well as, an all-round program of educational scholarships in companies, that will allow young people, who have to carry out judicial actions, integrate into society in a productive way.

Among the interested organizations, the “UD. Las Palmas” highlights as a co-organizer of the project, specifically in the sport area (Deport-Vida program), due to it offers some workshops and sport trainings for a group of thirty minors with judicial problems, to encourage health habits related to the sport values.

The “U.D. Las Palmas” will collaborate with “#UP2U” supporting activities of this social initiative with the image of the football players and some solidarity actions.

The basketball team “Gran Canaria” takes part too with the teaching of workshops of basketball, surf and body board to promote the sport as an element of social inclusion of young people at risk of social exclusion. In addition to this, the #UP2U is aimed to involve companies and canary foundations to start an all-round program of workshops and educational scholarships with vocation for employability between the young people from the Directorate of Infancy Protection and the Family of the Canary Government, for two reasons: the first one is because these minors had a judicial action on them for the commission of a crime. The second one is because these minors are protected by the General Directorate for Minors as a consequence of being declared abandoned. Among these initiatives, some courses as cooking, waiters, farmer training or modular training are being prepared.

Currently, “#UP2U” counts with the collaboration and involvement of more than tens companies and canary institutions that will receive minors to carry out the educational scholarships during an internship with salary of at least 6 months. Furthermore, institutions as “HECANSA”, “Ralons” Foundation, “Mapfre Guarnarteme” Foundation, “DISA” Foundation, “Satocan”, “Grupo Astican” or “La Caixa” have contributed economically to carry out educational workshops in different educational areas. These workshops intend to be an effective help tool, meant to both, minors who have committed any offense, or their family environment.

International Forum

“#UP2U” aspires to be the main thrust that organizes a collaborative network between the Government, academic and sport institutions, foundations and the judiciary itself, to contribute, through specific intervention plans, the value education of canary young people. For that reason, and as a starting point, “UP2U” organizes next Sunday, November 20th, “The first International Forum for Social Inclusion of Young People”, in which collaborate The Directorate of Infancy Protection and the Family of the Canary Government and the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The Forum coincides with “The International Children’s Day”. It will count with the presence of national and international outstanding figures for child care. Judges, prosecutors, jurists, psychologists and educators will deeply analyze the most effective work lines in the area of young people, and among them, the possible actions that could make possible the social rehabilitation of young people with behavioral problems. Moreover, the experts will deal with some of the mechanisms and prevention plans for families and the young people themselves.

Simultaneously to the forum celebration, after its inauguration act, it will start some sport activities organized by the project #UP2U for young people in the beach of “Las Canteras”, next to the auditorium.

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