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Camino de Santiago

La celebración de la I Caminata Solidaria-Camino de Santiago se llevará a cabo finalmente los días 28 y 29 de octubre.
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Deport Vida

The competitions and leagues planned in Deport Vida will be the main pillars of UP2U, that will encourage the cohesion between participants.

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Training Workshops

Round tables about food, workshops of healthy habits, skin care, smoking prevention or social and sport activities
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We need Volunteers


Our wish is counting on you. The employability of young people through sport voluntary work, is an esencial point of the project that will benefit to them, due to these activities will be joined by a professional plan of qualify, that will give them the necessary competences to their future as Social Promotion and Health Agents.


November, 20th 2016 Alfredo kraus Auditorium


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03Oct 2017

El I Camino de Santiago #UP2U se celebrará finalmente los días 28 y 29 de octubre tras confirmarse la extinción del incendio en la Cumbre

El proyecto social auspiciado por Reyes Martel ha alcanzado un acuerdo con la Fundación Foresta para incluir en la celebración del Camino una actividad de convivencia en el que cada senderista podrá plantar un árbol en alguno de los puntos de itinerario que se han visto afectados por el fuego, ayudando así a la reforestación del entorno

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04Jan 2017

Ten ludic and sport activities of the project “UP2U”, that teach young people the value of integration and the work toguether

Next Sunday, January 8th, the beach of “Las Canteras” will become a sport meeting point and an act of solidarity by the hand of the project “UP2U Depende de Tí”, and by means of contribute the integration in society of young people, in this case, through sport activity.

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22Nov 2016

Isabel Mena has closed The First International Forum for Social Inclusion of Young People

The forum has counted with the presence of national and international outstanding figures in the area of child-care and it forms part under the motto #UP2Project in Canary. It is led by the Magistrate of Juvenile Court of Las Palmas, Reyes Martel.


If you want to know more about the activities and proposals that the project ``#UP2U`` has in place, contact us.

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